Personal Development Coaching

As an accredited Human Potential coach, Terri specializes in helping people achieve specific goals and overcome obstacles to personal growth. Some of these areas include health and wellness, learning to manage stress, increasing energy levels, sleeping better, and performing better professionally or athletically. Terri also specializes in assisting with developing a healthy relationship with food and with your body. 

 As part of your Focused Female studio membership, Terri will provide ongoing coaching and recommendations for your training and wellness regimen. Terri is also available for Private Coaching to members and non-members, outside of the studio. 


I welcome Men and Women of all ages.

Here is what you can achieve in working with me:

To Become the Best Version of you- With a Mind that is Clear , Focused & High Performing

To Feel Calm and Centered Under Pressure

To Activate Untapped Brain Energy and Make Better Decisions

To Experience True Well Being, Inner Ease and Deep Fulfillment

To Become 100% Accepting of You and Your Body

This can become your reality.  Message me to set up a free consultation as well as pricing and package offerings.