Adaptive Training  

Did you know that 90% of personal training clients report muscle and joint pain that limits their daily function, ability to exercise and enjoyment of life? However, very few fitness professionals have the necessary skills and qualifications to help these clients meet their pain-relief and performance goals. 

Adaptive Training is the practice of physical fitness by individuals with physical disabilities due to natural aging process, trauma, injury or defect. 

As Corrective Exercise Specialists, we base all your workouts on your goals, abilities and experience level. Our training team works together to customize training components for each client, to deliver effective workouts around temporary or permanent disabilities which compromise body structure or extremities.  

Strength & Cardio Focused Classes 

Strength Training sessions are designed and led by our small training team. We work with small groups and include weights and movement. We offer many specialty classes including barre, boxing, kick-boxing and endurance. 

Cardio Training includes supervised activity on a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike.  

 Measured Effort-Based Progress 

Clients can measure progress with the MY ZONE tracker. It monitors heart rate, calories and duration of exercise, converted to MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. 

  • Trustworthy results with 99.4% EKG accuracy.  

  • Install the app on your mobile device to view the data. No more “guess work” and keeping journals! 

Mobility and Flexibility Focused Classes 

Mobility and Flexibility Classes, such as Pilates, Yoga and Calm & Flexible, are small group sessions and may include standing, moving and mat work, using weights, rings, balls and bands. Because the classes are small, we can customize the workout based on the wants/needs of those attending. 

Joint Mobility is the ability to move freely without stress on the body - range of motion of joints and muscles 

  • It’s dependent on muscle flexibility 

  • It helps alleviate 'everyday' aches and pains, improve body awareness, … 

Muscle Flexibility is the ability to induce and support motion and bending by lengthening the muscles that cross the joints 

  • It’s dependent on range of motion 
  • It helps improve ease of motion, balance, posture, ... ​

Regain and maintain your vitality!  Find the Fountain of Youth. After age 30, we lose 3% to 8% of muscle mass every 10 years. 

Customized Training and Specialty Classes